Extract / Duct Cleaning

Building and Engineering Services Association Member (B&ES)-Grease extract Ventilation cleaning  that are not cleaned on a regular basis (at least once a year), have a build up of grease and oil. Over time the heat of cooking increases the risk of fire

A&M Industrial Cleaning can provide you with all your cleaning needs. After the clean we will send you a Certificate of Hygiene which can be shown to your insurance as proof of cleaning. If a fire should break out and a certificate cannot be produced your insurance would be invalid.
In the London area on average eight kitchen extract a week catch fire, so don't become one of them and have the hassle of shutting down your business, loss of profit and the cost of redecoration.

Our specialist duct cleaning team will Guarantee a full inspection of your ventilation system.
We provide before and after photos, a full written report and a certifcate for your insurance company TR19 B&ES  We're currently running a price match so give us a call and we can discuss your cleaning needs.

  • St Swithuns School - Before

    St Swithuns School - Before

  • St Swithuns School - After

    St Swithuns School - After

  • St Swithuns School - Duct cleaned

    St Swithuns School - Duct cleaned

  • Internal duct - cleaned

    Internal duct - cleaned

  • Access Doors - Before

    Access Doors - Before

  • Access Doors - After

    Access Doors - After

  • Extractor Fan - Before

    Extractor Fan - Before

  • Extractor Fan - After

    Extractor Fan - After


    Table 11: Frequency of Cleaning


    Usage level Frequency Clean
    High Usage: 12-16 hrs per day 3 monthly
    Moderate Usage: 6-12 hrs per day 6 monthly
    Light Usage: 2-6 hrs per day 12 monthly
    01992 638218 / 07724 121562


    Why Choose Us?

    A&M industrial cleaning Ltd works with some of the biggest, and the smallest, companies in the Greater London and Home counties , across every industry sector. We understand the importance of providing your customers and employees with a safe, hygienic environment, allowing you to carry out your day-to-day business without the concerns poor hygiene can bring.

    Team of Trained Accredited Specialists

    We invest heavily in training, ensuring we have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of specialists, capable of delivering the right solution for you. Our technicians undergo extensive training, externally accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health, both in the field and the classroom.

    Help You To Enhance Your Company Image

    A visible commitment to improving the hygiene standards in your business shows your concern for the wellbeing of your employees and visitors. Research has shown that the condition of your kitchens is reflected in how people view your company and they link their first impressions, to the standards they expect..

    Save Money

    We deliver the right products and services for your business, ensuring that they deliver value for money. Our recommendations are guided by your business’ needs and priorities.

    Comply With Legislation

    15 years of experience in the hygiene business means we understand the legislation and regulations which govern the workplace. Our consultants and technicians are trained in the requirements of the Food Safety Act, in addition to the needs of major insurers, and are able to offer advice on hygiene issues within your business.

    Protect The Environment.

    Our products and services are designed to help you to reduce your impact on the environment. Like most companies we look to reduce our waste in every way we can, and ensure that any waste we remove from, or generate on your site, is disposed of in accordance with all relevant legislation.

    Experts In Specialist Cleaning

    We provide a comprehensive range of expert cleaning services which helps to improve the overall hygiene standard or your premises as well as enhancing it’s appearance. Find out further information about our services below:

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